Social Hour

Happy Hour and Poster Session

Day 1: Thursday, September 29

4:00 pm

No speakers


Freedom of Algorithmic Expression
Inyoung Cheong, University of Washington School of Law

A Snapshot of the Trust & Safety Field 2022
Toby Shulruff, Arizona State University

Computational Approaches to Understanding Credibility in Video-Based Misinformation: An Analysis of Covid-19 Content on TikTok
Yingdan Lu, Stanford University; Sunny Xun Liu, Stanford University; Jeffery T. Hancock, Stanford University

Google Says So(S): The Entanglement of Search Engines and Information on Ballot Propositions
Emma Lurie, Stanford Law School

Listening to the Global Citizens: A Blockchain Voting Model as a Tool of Global Governance
Q.J. Yao, Lamar University

Combating Bias in Algorithmic Decision Making Systems for Hiring
Alisar Mustafa, Analytics for Advocacy; Krystal Jackson, Analytics for Advocacy; Michael W. Yang, Independent researcher

Local Representation: Implications for Press Freedom in Turkey
Leo Page-Blau, New York University 

Slowcial Media: Promoting slow & mindful consumption through platform design
Anshuman Dhar, University of Washington; Ed Paradis, Madison Stemmler, & Leo Salemann

Critical Listening: History, Childhood, and Sonic Safety
Alexandra Krawetz, independent scholar 

The Fungibility of Non-Fungible Tokens: Vulnerabilities in an Overhyped Market
Sarah Barrington, University of California Berkeley

Understanding Dangerous Speech on Social Media in a South Asian Country
Susan Benesch, Dangerous Speech Project

TikTok on the Clock: A Call for Increased Urgency in Researching the Spread of Mis/Disinformation on TikTok
Kyla Guru, Stanford University; Lila Shroff, Stanford University

Designing and Building Social Platforms Grounded in Consent
Jane Im, University of Michigan; Nikola Banovic, University of Michigan; Florian Schaub, University of Michigan School of Information

Online Hate Speech Literature Between 2018 and 2022: A Mixed Methods Review and Visualization
Ina Kamenova, University of Massachusetts, Lowell

Designing Effective Community Guidelines for Social VR
Rafi Lazerson, University of California Berkeley

Decoding the Shadowban Mystery: TikTok's Content Governance and How Creators Interpret The Platform's Visibility System
Diyi Liu, Oxford Internet Institute

Two Sides of the Same Coin? Comparing Crowdfunding, Cryptocurrency, and Blockchain Use by Extreme Right and Jihadi Groups
Shahed Warreth, Swansea University