Journal of Online Trust and Safety Panel I

Day 1: Thursday, September 29

10:30 am

No speakers

Moderator: Jeffrey Hancock, Stanford University

Procedural Justice and Self Governance on Twitter - Unpacking the Experience of Rule Breaking on Twitter
Presenter: Tom Tyler, Yale Law School
Non-presenting co-authors: Matthew Katsaros, Yale Law School; Jisu Kim, Singapore Institute of Technology; Tracey Meares, Yale Law School

How to Build a Trust and Safety Team In a Year: A Practical Guide From Lessons Learned (So Far) At Zoom
Presenters: Josh Parecki, Zoom; Chanel Cornett, Zoom
Non-presenting co-author: Karen Maxim, formerly Zoom

American Parents’ Perceptions of Child and Youth Explicit Image Sharing Presenter: Michael Seto, The Royal’s Institute of Mental Health Research
Non-presenting co-authors: Kailey Roche, Carleton University; Amanda Goharian, Thorn; Melissa Stroeble, Thorn

Assessing the Political Motivations Behind Ransomware Attacks
Presenter: Karen Nershi, Stanford Internet Observatory
Non-presenting co-authors: Shelby Grossman, Stanford Internet Observatory

Auditing Google’s Search Headlines as a Potential Gateway to Misleading Content: Evidence from the 2020 US Election
Presenters: Himanshu Zade, University of Washington, Morgan Wack, University of Washington
Non-presenting co-authors Martin Zhang, University of Washington; Kate Starbird, University of Washington; Ryan Calo, University of Washington; Jason Young, University of Washington; Jevin West, University of Washington