Journal of Online Trust and Safety Panel II

Day 2: Friday, September 30

1:30 pm

No speakers

Moderator: Daphne Keller, Stanford Law School

How can Platform Engagement with Academics and Civil Society Representatives Inform the Development of Content Policies?
Presenter: Sarah Shirazyan, Meta
Non-presenting co-authors: Peter Stern, Meta; Abby Fanlo, Meta

Online Civility Through Platform Architecture: An Experiment Promoting Civil Conversation Between Neighbors on Nextdoor
Presenter: Paul Meosky, Yale
-presenting co-authors: Jisu Kim, Singapore Institute of Technology; Wenzhou-Kean University; Curtis McDonald, Yale University; Matthew Katsaros, Yale University; Tom Tyler, Yale University

Election Fraud, YouTube, and Public Perception of the Legitimacy of President Biden
Presenter: Megan Brown, New York University
Non-presenting co-authors: James Bisbee, New York University; Angela Lai, New York University; Richard Bonneau, New York University; Joshua A. Tucker, New York University; and Jonathan Nagler, New York University

Creating, Using, Misusing, and Detecting Deep Fakes
Presenter: Hany Farid, University of California, Berkeley

The Demographics of U.S. Facebook Engagement with an Influence Operation in the Alternative Media Ecosystem
Presenter: Andrew Beers, University of Washington
Non-presenting co-authors: Tom Wilson, University of Washington; Kate Starbird, University of Washington