Lightning Talks

Lightning Talks on the Mainstage

Day 1: Thursday, September 29

1:00 pm

No speakers

Moderator: Naomi Shiffman, Oversight Board

The Safe Assessments: An Inaugural Evaluation of Trust & Safety Best Practices
Presenter: David Sullivan, Digital Trust & Safety Partnership

Platform Trajectories and Content Consumption
Presenter: Sujata Mukherjee, Google

Understanding Accounts That Engage in Hate and Harassment on Reddit
Presenter: Deepak Kumar, Stanford University

Do Your Own Research: How Searching Online to Evaluate Misinformation Can Increase Its Perceived Veracity
Presenter: Presenter: Kevin Aslett, University of Central Florida
Non-presenting co-authors: Zeve Sanderson, William Godel, Nate Persily, Jonathan Nagler, and Joshua Tucker

Navigating the online grooming landscape
Presenter: Amanda Goharian, Thorn
Non-presenting co-authors: Melissa Stroebel, Thorn; Patrick Toommey, Benenson Strategy Group; Sam Fitz, Benenson Strategy Group; Joseph Copeland, Benenson Strategy Group

Architectures of Choice, or Architectures of Control? Dark Patterns and Algorithmic Manipulation
Presenter: Jennifer King, Stanford University

Multilayered Enforcement - Increasing Recall and Limiting Impact on False Positives
Presenter: Vanessa Molter, Google

Countering Online Gender Based Violence: Fighting Deepfakes, Doxxing, and Disinformation
Presenter: Katherine Townsend, World Wide Web Foundation

Quis Custodiet Ipsos Custodes? Content Takedowns and the Censorship of Academic Research
Presenter: Aaron Y. Zelin, Brandeis University

Encrypted Messaging Apps and the Trust and Safety Field
Presenter: Inga Trauthig, University of Texas, Austin