Lightning Talks

Lightning Talks on the Mainstage

Day 2: Friday, September 30

10:30 am

No speakers

Moderator: Brian Fishman, Cinder

Does Paying for Access to A Gaming Platform Actually Increase Your Likelihood of Poor Behavior?
Presenter: Hill Stark, Spectrum Labs
Non-presenting co-author: Kris McGuffie, Spectrum Labs

Non-Punitive Approaches to Tool Development for Content Moderation
Presenter: Joseph Seering, Stanford University
Non-presenting co-authors: Manas Khadka, Stanford University; Michael Bernstein, Stanford University

Privacy and Security Beliefs of Internet Users in Five Developing Countries
Presenter: Rebecca Umbach, Google
Non-presenting co-author: Anubha Singh, Google

Use and Users of Blockchain-based Social Media Platforms
Presenter: Anatoliy Gruzd, Toronto Metropolitan University
Non-presenting co-authors: Philip Mai, Toronto Metropolitan University; Alyssa Saiphoo, Toronto Metropolitan University

Constructive Consensus Building or Coerced Cooperation? The Evolutions of Global Content Moderation Standards
Presenter: Courntey Radsch, UCLA

Ephemeral Fake News: Why Some Misinformation Leaves the Internet and Some Does Not
Presenter: Ross Dahlke, Stanford University

Advances in Data Science for Web Safety and Integrity: Cross-Platform Multi-Modal Misinformation
Presenter: Srijan Kumar, Georgia Institute of Technology
Non-presenting co-authors: Bing He, Georgia Institute of Technology; Nicholas Micallef, New York University; Gaurav Verma, Georgia Institute of Technology; Mustaque Ahamad, Georgia Institute of Technology; Nasir Memon, New York University

Guilty until Proven Innocent: Autoethnographies of Powerlessness in Instagram and TikTok Account Deletions
Presenter: Carolina Are, Northumbria University

The Role of Ad Transparency in Global Electoral Integrity
Presenter: Lisa Reppell, International Foundation for Electoral Systems

How good are they actually? Evaluating hate detection tools across languages
Presenter: Bertie Vidgen, Rewire