Trust and Safety Across Platforms

Day 1: Thursday, September 29

1:00 pm

No speakers

Moderator: Kate Starbird, University of Washington

Disrupting the Highways of Hate: The Impacts of Offline Events and Deplatforming
Presenters: Beth Goldberg, Google; Yonatan Lupu, George Washington University; Richard Sear, George Washington University

Using Deep Learning to Detect Abusive Sequences of Member Activity on LinkedIn
Presenters: James Verbus, LinkedIn; Beibei Wang, LinkedIn

Look Who’s Reporting Now: A Content Analysis of Big Tech’s 2020 Transparency Reports
Presenter: Amanda Reid, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
Non-presenting co-author: Evan Ringel, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill

Examining the Causal Effect of Twitter's Interventions on Donald Trump's Tweets
Presenter: Swapneel Mehta, New York University
Non-presenting co-authors: James Bisbee, New York University; Richard Bonneau, New York University; Joshua Tucker, New York University; Jonathan Nagler, New York University

Internet Governance Through Site Shutdowns: the Impact of Shutting Down Two Major Commercial Sex Advertising Sites
Presenter: Helen Zeng, Carnegie Mellon University