Trust & Safety and Data Research

Day 2: Friday, September 30

10:30 am

No speakers

Moderator: David Thiel, Stanford Internet Observatory

The Intersection of T&S and Algorithmic Impact
Presenters: Amar Ashar, Spotify; Henriette Cramer, Spotify; Olya Gurevich, Spotify

Sustained Exposure to Fact-Checks can Inoculate Citizens Against Misinformation in the Global South 
Presenter: Jeremy Bowles, Stanford University
Non-presenting co-authors: Kevin Croke, Harvard University; Horacio Larreguy, ITAM; Shelley Liu, University of California, Berkeley; John Marshall, Columbia University

Emerging safety issues on Web 3.0. and implications for Internet Trust in Africa
Presenter: Arthur Gwagwa, Utrecht University

Digging into the (Internet) Archive: Examining the NSFW Model Responsible for the 2018 Tumblr Purge
Presenters: Renata Barreto, University of California Berkeley; Claudia Von Vacano, University of California Berkeley

How to Make Evidence-Based Trust and Safety Routine and Boring by 2050
Presenter: J Nathan Matias, Cornell University